Nottingham City East Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks, also referred to as PCNs, bring together a group of GP practices which are situated in a similar location, and encourage them to work collaboratively. The networks urge the GPs to work closely with other healthcare services, community groups, social care, and other voluntary sectors to better care for the needs of patients within that specific area. PCN working is something that is happening all over England.

Parliament Street Medical Centre works with 6 local GP practices, and this forms the Nottingham City East Primary Care Network (NCE PCN). These other practices are Bakersfield Medical Centre, Family Medical Centre, Greendale Primary Care Centre, The Wellspring Surgery, The Windmill Practice and Victoria and Mapperley Practice.

NCE cover the St Anns, Sneinton, Mapperley, Bakersfield, Carlton and city centre areas of Nottingham. Although they are still all independently owned practices, they work together to share resources and improve the areas health and social care.

To find out what we are doing as a Primary Care Network, you can visit our Twitter account.


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